Timber Sales Administration

timber-sales-administrationWhen selling timber, you only have one chance to get it right. By serving as your agents, we begin by prescribing a harvest method that corresponds with the needs of your forest and meets your ownership goals. Then we take the guesswork out of selling your trees through a step-by-step process designed to maximize your income and protect your land. Learn more about our Sales Process with our step by step guide.

Timber Appraisal

2-appraisalWhether you need a timber appraisal while buying or selling land, to establish a timber tax basis, or to value trees removed in timber theft/trespass situations we can conduct a professional valuation to meet your needs.

Forest Management Planning

Management Planning

For those seeking ownership strategies or perhaps Forest Greenbelt tax savings, our management plans begin by identifying our clients’ financial, wildlife, recreation, scenic, and/or other ownership goals. Afterwards, we assess site and woodland conditions on a stand by stand basis. Finally, our plans contain practical recommendations for how our clients can optimize their desired woodland benefits.

Trespass and Damage Assessments

4-trespass-damage-assessmentsUnfortunately, timber theft and trespass cases aren’t uncommon across Tennessee. Contact us if it happens to you. We’ll not only appraise the cut trees but also serve as your expert witnesses in court.

Land Management

5-land-managementGive us a call if you need help with tree planting, boundary line painting or other land management applications.

Timber Investment Management

market-reportDefining what makes a forest valuable begins with asking a lot of questions. What kind of forest? How old is it? Where is it? How much timber volume does it contain? What about logging access and conditions? Likewise, does planting trees make good financial sense? Maybe. What kind of trees? Where? An investment analysis can make or save woodland owners a great deal of money.

Site Evaluation and Recommendations

7-site-evaluation-recommendationsTree species, soils, aspect, and slope position are some of the factors influencing site productivity. Landowners often choose the wrong options when deciding upon how to maximize their woodland benefits. Allow us to evaluate the site before you make a management decision.

Wildlife Management Planning

header-newsletterAs experienced woodlands professionals, we’re more than familiar with various aspects of natural resources management including habitat requirements for many native wildlife species. Beyond our own in-house knowledge and capabilities, we also have the capacity to call in some of Tennessee’s top wildlife biologists to ensure that our clients always get the answers they need.

Feasibility Studies

9-feasibility-studiesWe have experience in conducting feasibility studies for members of the forest products industry. Whether you’re investigating Tennessee’s timber supply or wood manufacturing data, we can help your company find the right answers.