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Located in Jackson, Tennessee, our Management team is ready to help you with your timber management needs. Let our professional team help you maximize your profits by directing you to the best buyers and provide the best selection, sale and harvest of timber on your land. We are dedicated to providing client satisfaction in all facets of timber management and marketing.


Timber Appraisals

Buying or selling land? Need to establish a timber tax basis or to value trees removed in timber theft/trespass situations? We can conduct a professional valuation to meet your needs.


Timber Sales Administration

We prescribe a harvest method that corresponds with the needs of your forest and meets your ownership goals. Our step-by-step process will maximize income and protect your land.


Forest Management Planning

We will identify and assess your site and woodland conditions. Our management plans contain practical recommendations on how to optimize desired woodland benefits.

Forestry is the art, science, and business of managing forests. At Tennessee Timber Consultants, we remain committed to blending forest science with state-of-the-art technical solutions while always adhering to a professional code of ethics. We guarantee Professional Excellence and you should settle for nothing less.

Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2020

Tennessee Timber Consultants, LLC Quarterly Newsletter

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